Thursday, June 3, 2010

So cute

Remember about the clothes we bought well here they are...

The last night in Egypt

That night i was in the guest room with Jade. I asked her to tell me all about her religion and her history about Egypt. She was surprised i asked her about and she proudly told me."dietary codes are rules we have to do. We have to stay away from certain foods because our religion, it is bad if we eat meat or if we drink alcohol; which i think you already noticed that. We also have to do a lot of praying, when we pray we have to say thank you to Allah which you know as Dios (God). Muslims are obliged to pray five times everyday. We woman also pray but in a different area, we cant be near men. That brings a different rule up we cant show our body hair or face, that's why we wear the clothes we wear. Men will never know how are body shape is, our facial expression nor if we are pretty or just ugly. In our history well, the Egyptian dynasty united with the with the lower kingdoms. In the 525 BC Egypt came under Persian control than in the 642 AD Muslim invaded making a big outcome of people becoming Muslims. We fought two wars which included Israel. - We lost the Sinai Peninsula in 1967.

Than Sadat liberated us from economic policy's and signed a peace treaty with Israel. Afterwards Sadat was assassinated. The Muslims assassinated him because they didn't agree with him. He was recognized as a leader because we were the first Arab Nation that signed a peace treaty with Israel. Since, we have kept the tradition while we adapt to modernity." Wow Jade that is of things you have in your past and in your present I told her... that was a very long night!


La Rose Day Spa & Salon, That spa was a glamour. I felt really relaxed and I had so much fun with Jade. When it came to asking her parents it was super duper hard, so I told them that we were going to go shopping instead so they said o.k. I felt bad for lying but a little fun wont hurt nobody. Jade was super relaxed that I can say that she even fell asleep. We got massages and we got to go in the mud pool. It felt really nasty for a minute then it felt nice in a way. I noticed that Jade had never had this much fun. When we got out of the spa I took her to a fancy restaurant. While i was eating she asked me are you going to eat all of that and i responded yeah in my culture it's bad if we don't eat everything and just throw it in the garbage. Than she told me that it was a thing they do to leave food, that it meant that they will never run out of it and it also showed that they are wealthy. To explain it better it symbolized wealth. After we got out of the spa we went SHOPPING, so her parents would actually believe us that we went shopping. Jade bought a dress that i think is for belly dancing. they were very cute that i bought one and told her that she had to show me. afterwards we went to buy fold they were soooooo glamorise; I LOVE JEWELRY.


Day 5 in Egypt!

Yesterday when I was with Jade I got proposed to stay in there home and actually experience how they live. I was really happy when they proposed that to me because I wanted to feel the experience... So I said I would be delighted. When it came to dinner I was shocked because they made a lot of food like if it was a big celebration. Jade told me that they do big dinners every time they have a guest in home. I said it's not like if I was the Queen of Persia. She just giggled... while we were all eating I saw that they had a lot of finger food meaning they eat with there fingers. They told me that if I didn't want to eat with my fingers I can do the Western style, but that if I prefer the Western style I have to hold the fork in the left and the knife in the right hand. They said that because I first messed mixed them up. The food was really different but very good. I noticed that in every meal they eat bread. They call the bread life; I think it is because in church they call the bread life so it has to do with their religion and Jesus. Another thing I noticed was that they NO meat. What they do eat is rice, bread, fish and stuffed vegetables but if they do eat meat it would be because they have a huge celebration. So, yesterday was a very nice day and today I'm planning to got to the spa with jade if they let her.... or I'll sneak her out of her house!

P.S did you know they drink NO alcohol, but they drink tea alot OH, and did you also know that lower class people eat meat more.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Well the trip to the Sphinx was great. I had a lot a fun... Today while I was shopping I saw really beautiful dresses. They are extraordinary gorgeous. So like today I was also having trouble talking to a man because he would not understand me and I would not understand him, the point is it was hard to buy this dress if I couldn't communicate with the seller. While I was trying to communicate this really gorgeous girl came up to me and helped me. I was really happy someone came to rescue me. I got to buy the dress but I also met a new friend. Her name is Jade. She is from Egypt but she was taken to the US with her mom and dad. She told me that the only reason she came back was because her parents had died and she had no family in the USA. Her story was really said!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Its day 3 and I’m so excited. I’m going to go sphinx pyramids!!! YaY! I learned a lot of things while I was in the tour in Africa. There is a story/legend that people say…
The story leads to that one day a young prince fell asleep next to the Great Sphinx. He had been hunting all day, and was very tired. He dreamt that the Great Sphinx promised that he would become the ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt if he cleared away the sand covering its body (the Great Sphinx was covered up to its neck). The rest of the story is gone, so you will have to use your imagination to work out the ending. Isn’t that amazing!
In the shadow of the Pyramids, on the edge of the Giza plateau sits one of Egypt's most extraordinary monuments—the Great Sphinx. Carved out of the natural bedrock and enlarged with blocks of limestone, this enormous statue of a recumbent lion with a human head is the largest surviving sculpture from the ancient world. It is also the earliest colossal sculpture the Egyptians erected, so old that for much of history the Egyptian Pharaohs knew not from when it came, and themselves worshipped it as a God.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I've finally arrived at Cairo, Egypt and I'm finally of the airplane! The nice thing is that I slept the whole way. I think that if I had stayed awake I would have been bored to death. It's late already, I'm getting sleepy... Zzzz. Tomorrow I want to go to the Sphinx. They say that they are filled with history and that it a really great place to take a pic at. Well, when I got to Egypt the first thing I did was go shopping. The clothing are filled with color and they are also filled with meaning in it. While I was walking I saw this very amazing dress. It was really pretty! The seller told me that they use it for special occasions or celebrations they do. I was amazed! So guess what I did, I bought the amazing dress! I have a new dress, I'm so happy... YaY!!!